Viburnum Fall V2 Flawed Perfume Bottle Style D6 Necklace

Viburnum Fall V2 Flawed Perfume Bottle Style D6 Necklace

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-This die is flawed. There are more surface imperfections and knicks than a regular.

-All products are handmade and assembled by hand. There may be surface imperfections and slight colour inconsistencies but it does not hinder the overall look and wearability.

This does not function as an actual perfume bottle.



Dice size 4.4X2cm

Chain: 45cm



-Platinum plated chain

-Silver plated coloured wire



*If you are severly allergic to metal, we recommend you get an allergen test before deciding to purchase.

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    Juice Box does not accept returns or refunds however we do offer product exchange depending on the situation. Please email or send a DM on social medias for  inquiries. 

  • Care instructions

    Contain in an air tight container

    Do not expose to prolonged sunlight as resin parts may change colour.

    Remove before showering, swimming, sleeping or exercising. 

    Avoid contact with fluids including liquid cleaners.