Juice Box Commission

Juice Box Commission


This is a listing to purchase a commission spot. The $15 is the deposit fee and it will go towards the total of your order.

Whether you want a design I have previously made, or request something tailored to you, I am happy to oblige! There are a few rules written below that must be followed.



  • There is a limit of 2 dice sets, 3 D20s, 2 mega D20s and 1 super giga D20 per person.
  • Please DO NOT request designs that require animal parts, insects, teeth, hair, food, and all other bio-hazardous material.
  • I will not create anything that depicts any hate symbols or harmful and violent imagery.
  • I will not recreate other artist’s/ dicemakers’ work.
  • If you do not respond to the initial commission inquiry from me within a week, your deposit will be refunded and the spot will be given to someone else.
  • If you stop corresponding midway through  the commission process (anytime after design finalization), your commission will be cancelled and the spot will be given to someone else. Whether the product was finished or not, it will not be considered your possession.



Singles (D20, D12, D10. D%, D8, D6, D4)

7 piece polyhedral set

4 piece pip/ fate set

Mega D20 (37mm)

Super Giga D20 (70mm)

Perfume bottle style D6/D4 

Crystal D10,D% 

Mini D20 earrings/ ring



7 Piece sets will start from $90. Price will increase depending on the design complexity such as multiple colours, material difference, inclusions, varying techniques, etc. Your $15 dollar deposit will go towards the total cost. The final invoice will be sent when the final product is finished and approved.



It will take around 4-9 weeks to complete the commission and sometimes more depending on the order size and complexity. I will send you updates through each stage of dice making and notify you if I encounter any issues or delays.



As all handmade items go, there will be small surface imperfections. You will notice small marks and scratches but those are normal as every aspect of my dice is handmade. Items with large imperfections (large bubbles/voids, uncured resin, broken corners, etc.) will not be used to fulfill any commissions.



You can request any design that I have made previously or request something completely tailored to you. If you need reference for some of the previous designs, you can visit the gallery page on the website to see them or visit my twitter or instagram @juiceboxstoreca. Please keep in mind, while the same techniques and materials will be used, the final product can come out a bit different from the previous dice. I will always try my best to get it as close as possible. 



Communication is key! I am ok with communicating through email juiceboxstoreca@gmail.com, twitter DM or Instagram DM @juiceboxstoreca. You will be contacted in 1-3 business days from your initial commission slot deposit. Please make sure to check your spam/ promotion inboxes just in case you miss it. If you have any inspiration boards, reference images, descriptions, colour palettes, etc, please feel free to include them. Throughout the commission process, there will be check-ins and updates. I will do my best to work with you and get as close to your vision/idea as possible.



Shipping costs will be calculated depending on your region. Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19, shipments may be delayed, especially for international shipments.